Anaergia is a global leader in anaerobic digestion and the production of clean energy, fertilizer and recycled water from organic waste streams. The company sells capital equipment and turnkey solutions internationally, and also has a growing portfolio of power generation and waste treatment facilities which it owns and operates. With its strong team, industry leading technology and deep portfolio of patents and intellectual property, Anaergia has built a strong reputation across its three core market segments: waste water, municipal solid waste, and agri-waste.

The company’s core technology is its patented high-solids anaerobic digestion process along with its advanced pre and post processing capabilities. These processes utilize bacteria in an oxygen-free environment to digest the solid components of organic waste and maximize the production of electricity and biogas, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste to landfills. Anaergia is well positioned for growth, as regulatory pressures are creating greater demand for novel solutions to organic waste management and renewable energy while there is increasing pressure to divert from landfills.

Anaergia’s headquarters are in Burlington, Ontario in Canada and it offers regional services through 14 offices located in Europe, North America and Asia. Anaergia subsidiaries and affiliates include UTS Biogastechnik in Europe as well as Pharmer Engineering and The Stover Group in the United States. Anaergia’s core technologies are in use at over 1,600 biogas anaerobic digestion plants worldwide.

For more information about Anaergia, please visit www.anaergia.com